Save money and time on your bills, the smart way.

A screenshot of the BillFixers app. It says "Pick your providers: Which bills would you like to save money on?" and then lists three options: Xfinity, Verizon, and SiriusXM, as examples of kinds of bills BillFixers negotiates.

Automatically identify where you can save.

If you link the bank account or card you use to pay your bills, we'll intelligently analyze your spending to find everywhere you're overpaying. Plus, we'll catch and fix late fees and billing errors automatically.

Keep the lowest rate every year with AutoFix.

Promotions expire. Contracts end. Providers offer new plans. With AutoFix, we automatically renegotiate your bill, so you always know you’ve got the best deal.
A card showing the AutoFix feature from BillFixers. It shows somebody who has saved $560.50 via bill negotiation. They have already received $180 in savings and their next renegotiation is scheduled for next year.
A graphic about security and data encryption at BillFixers. It says "Your bill data has just been encrypted via 256-bit AES with GCM. Access to your data is restricted to your team." It also shows that data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

Keep your personal data private and secure.

We protect your data with multiple layers of bank level 256 bit encryption and data security measures. And we never sell or share your personal info.
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