How to Cancel Battlefront 2 Pre-Order

BillFixers | November 14, 2017

Cancel Battlefront 2 Pre-Order

We’ve put together quick links on how to cancel battlefront 2 pre-orders so you don’t have to go searching. But if you have any trouble, we’ve got a full guide below.

Quick Links for Cancelling


Cancel Battlefront 2 PC Pre-Order

Cancel Battlefront 2 XBox Pre-Order

Cancel Battlefront 2 PS4 Pre-Order


EA is having a bad week. They’ve got the most downvoted comment in reddit history. Turns out years of treating your fans like micro-transaction piggybanks doesn’t make you a lot of friends. Even if it does make you a ton of money.  Now, people are trying to cancel battlefront 2 pre-order en masse only to find out how difficult it is.

Gamers who pre-ordered Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and wanted to cancel logged on today to find that even though they don’t even own the game yet, there is no easy way to cancel the order. Whether you want to know how you cancel battlefront 2 pre-order to teach EA a lesson or because you don’t want to pay to play Darth Vader or just because you changed your mind and you don’t even own the game yet, you should be able to cancel your battlefront 2 pre-order. So, here’s how:

The process is a little different for PC vs. XBox One vs. PS4, but ultimately you’re just logging in to your Origin or EA account and going through their contact form. That will give you the option to either live chat or call. We’ve put together quick links to get the process started: Cancel Battlefront 2 PC Pre-Order or Cancel Battlefront 2 XBox Pre-Order or Cancel Battlefront 2 PS4 Pre-Order. Okay, let’s get started.

EA Cancel Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Pre-Order

Method 1: Live Chat

Cancelling over livechat is probably your best bet for how to cancel your battlefront 2 pre-order. According to EA (please purchase a grain of salt for $1.99), hold times are about 1/3 for live chat. If you follow that link, when you’re connected, they’ll already know you’re trying to cancel. Be straightforward, just say “Please cancel my Star Wars: Battlefront 2 pre-order,” give your order info, and make sure they confirm how they’re refunding the payment.

Don’t yell at anybody; they didn’t cause EA to have shitty business practices. If you want, just ask them to record you’re cancelling because of their micro-transaction policy (or whatever reason you hate them.)

Method 2: Phone Call

According to some users, EA phone wait times are over an hour. Plus, as far as we can tell their phone call option isn’t 24/7. That being said, you shouldn’t actually have to wait on hold—you just join the queue and they’ll give you a call when your time is up.

Again, this is a pretty straightforward process. Just stay calm, tell them you want to cancel the pre-order and make sure you get all the details on the refund.

Warning! The clock’s ticking:

You’ve only got 7 days after the game releases on November 17 to get the refund. More importantly, if you launch the game, you only have 24 hours, so while you can play it before refunding it, there’s a short window—especially since EA’s support is slow.

EA Refund Policy

Method 3: The Button!

There’s been a lot of controversy on whether you can click a button to cancel your battlefront 2 pre-order and the status of the button appears to be changing. So pay up another $1.99 for some more grains of salt. According to EA, if your order hasn’t gone through, you should be able to cancel the pre-order. More importantly, once the game launches on Friday, they claim you’ll be able to do it through the button. PCGamesN is backing up that story. To cancel your Star Wars Battlefront 2 pre-order via the button, you just:

  1.  Log in to your account page
  2. Go to “Order History”
  3. Click “Cancel” or Refund

Method 4: Console Stores

If you pre-ordered through either the XBox of PS4 console stores, EA might not be able to handle the refund. If that’s the case, you can contact Playstation Support or XBox Support.

If we’re right, that should do it. You should now have cancelled your Battlefront 2 Pre-Order. You can also try hassling them on social media or via other channels, but these are the methods we know work for right now. As of writing, DICE has an AMA scheduled for November 15th, so there may be more developments. Stay tuned!

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