Get refunds from FedEx, DHL and UPS automatically

Save money every month with automatic auditing and
shipping refunds for delayed, lost, and damaged packages.

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How it Works

Create an account

Creating an Account only takes two minutes. BillFixers immediately begins the audit and you just sit back and relax while we save you money.

We do the work

BillFixers is like spell check for your shipping accounts. A 40-point audit comprehensively analyzes your shipments and automatically gets you refunds!

You Save Money

Fedex, DHL, and UPS automatically credit your account with refunds. We confirm the credits, split the savings 50/50, and the rest goes into your wallet.


Shipment auditing

A comprehensive, 40-point audit is performed on each shipment.

Shipment voiding

Get refunded automatically for any unused shipping labels.

Claim submission

Refund claims are sent to FedEx, DHL and UPS automatically.

Manifest tracking

Each shipping label is monitored to ensure shipment.

Detailed reporting

Comprehensive reporting improves operational efficiencies.

Weekly reporting

Clear and simple reports show auditing related activities.


Claim verification

Submitted claims are tracked throughout the review process.

Online billing

Secure and easy payments can be made using credit cards.

Happy customers.

thumb_01_60_60Randy J.

Operations Manager

“BillFixers saves us $1k each month. It’s like found money! To BillFixers and the team behind this app, you guys rock! ”


thumb_02_60_60 Julie F.


“Carrier invoices are complex and hard to understand. BillFixers does a better job than we were doing internally.”


thumb_03_60_60Paul H.


“Our previous freight auditor only secured half the savings BillFixers finds and delivers to our FedEx account each week. ”


We help hundreds of businesses save thousands on shipping.

BillFixers handles the entire process in finding and securing refunds back to your FedEx, DHL and UPS accounts for late deliveries, surcharges, overages, duplicate charges, and unused shipping labels. We analyze each shipment and automatically submit refund claims to get the refunds you deserve.

Free parcel audit report

Want to see how much you’ll save before you start? Have to run this up the chain of command?

Try our 100% free parcel audit and get a report so you can see exactly what you’re getting before we start.

Ship for Less

There’s no software to install; we seamlessly integrate with your existing process. No new contracts, added accounts, or changes to your FedEx, DHL or UPS accounts. Weekly emails showcase all auditing activities on the account, and in-