Partner with BillFixers to improve the lives of your users.

Save your users time and money by providing best in class bill negotiation and subscription cancellation services.

A screenshot of a BillFixers partner app, showing a user saving  $271.34 on a Spectrum bill and $312.55 on an AT&T Wireless bill inside of their native app.
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Add value for your customers and your bank or Credit Union.

Partnering with BillFixers saves your customers or members time and money, drives them towards bill pay, and generates non-interest revenue. But don't take our word for it—industry analysts agree.

"Banks and credit unions are missing new revenue opportunities. For example, few financial institutions expressed an interest in partnering with fintechs to provide services like bill negotiation or subscription management services. This could be a missed opportunity as a recent Cornerstone Advisors survey of U.S. consumers found that roughly 50% of consumers are interested in getting these services from their bank or credit union.

Cornerstone Advisors, 2021

Help users with sticky, valuable features (that also increase ARPU.)

Helping users to save money is normally hard. By partnering with BillFixers, you can get their goals on track with the tap of a button. Plus, generate additional revenue and keep them coming back.
An example screenshot of a Personal Finance Management app partnership. The app shows a user working on saving up money for a rainy day fund, with a suggested feature: "To speed up your savings, let's try our new feature Bill Negotiation from our trusted partner BillFixers."

Make life better for your members or employees.

You want the best for your employees—at work or at home. Empower your team to take better control of their finances. Help employees save more while building goodwill for free.
A group of employees checking out bill negotiation as a benefit from their employer.

When it comes to business, everything is negotiable.

We negotiate on behalf of businesses and organizations for everything from waste management to SaaS contracts and save 20% on average. A single referral can be worth thousands.

An image of a doctor's office showing their bills have been negotiated.

A franchise owner was paying $3,000 a month for AT&T Business. BillFixers lowered the cost for the same services by 60% and saved $47,000.

 "id": "bill_12fasfa3187asd",
 "status": "Completed",
 "totalSavings": "360.00",
 "provider": {
 "id": "provider_12fasfa3187asd",
 "name": "Comcast Xfinity",
 "services": [

 "items": [

     "name": "50 Mbps Internet",
     "prePrice": "$60.00",
     "postPrice": "$30.00",
     "duration": "12",
     "savings": "$360.00",
     "savingsStartOn": "2020-07-01",
     "savingsEndOn": "2021-07-01",
     "underContract": "false"

Built for developers...

Send and receive user data securely and effortlessly with our GraphQL API. Your users never need to leave your ecosystem—add bill negotiation or subscription cancellation in your app.

...and for anybody else.

You can get started sharing bill negotiation with a simple referral link—get up and running in 30 seconds. It's really that easy.

User Satisfaction

And we're working on that 3%. Who doesn't love saving money?

Consumers First

We offer a unique, consumer advocacy driven mission.

Recurring Revenue

People you refer get money, year after year. Why shouldn't you?

"Working with BillFixers was a great experience. Performance was above expected and the team was always seeking further opportunities to enhance our experience. They were a great partner."

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Partner Analytics

With live and customizable reporting, we're not a black box.
A graphic about security and data encryption at BillFixers. It says "Your bill data has just been encrypted via 256-bit AES with GCM. Access to your data is restricted to your team." It also shows that data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

Privacy and security are at the heart of our work.

We protect personal data with multiple layers of bank level 256 bit encryption and additional data security measures. And we never sell or share personal info. Read about the measures we're taking to keep private data private.
Read our Security Whitepaper

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