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BillFixers Employees Negotiating Bills for the BillFixers Press & Media Kit

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Year Founded

Nashville, TN

Ben & Julian Kurland

Number of Employees

Total Savings

Average Savings

Success Rate

50% for 12 months

BillFixers was founded by two brothers, Ben Kurland and Julian Kurland, in 2014. Julian used to negotiate his Comcast bill for his roommates. When he moved out, they offered to split the savings with him if he’d keep doing it and BillFixers was born.

Julian Kurland, 30, is an attorney who graduated from the University of Notre Dame. He runs BillFixers Operations.

Ben Kurland, 28, worked as graphic designer prior to BillFixers. He runs Product & Partnerships.
“They’d negotiate for folks who were frustrated, and keep half of any savings they were able to squeeze out of companies. Within days, they were so swamped that had to hire help, and an ingenious startup was born.”
“BillFixers, a Nashville start-up, is making calls to the cable and Internet companies for the consumer — saving them time, money and the associated headaches.”
“Over many hours of watching, I saw its employees fail only once. In exchange for this service, customers hand over half of the next year’s savings, so that a $20-a-month reduction yields $120 for BillFixers.”

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