Negotiating $12,000 in Credits for Wireless Overages

The owner of a small business was hit with AT&T data overage fees of more than $12,000 in a single month.

BillFixers was able to get all overage fees waived and also got the owner a monthly reduction in the price of the services, saving the owner over $13,000.

The client sent us this copy of their new bill showing nearly $12,000 in credits that AT&T had applied. Smaller additional credits went on the previous bill and we also negotiated a lower monthly rate.


Two months before signing up with BillFixers, the owner of a small business visited an AT&T store. He was given a tablet for free for being a loyal customer, and AT&T implied that the tablet had unlimited data.

The owner used the tablet for a month, and thinking that it had unlimited data, used several hundred gigabytes of data during the month. Unfortunately, the tablet did not have unlimited data. AT&T had actually placed the tablet on a legacy data plan that provided less than 1 megabyte of data before it would charge overages.

When the AT&T bill comes that month, it’s more than $12,000. AT&T had charged him more than $12,000 in overage fees. (For comparison, the usual monthly cost for this business was  less than $500 per month.)

The owner attempted to resolve the issue for more than a month, spending hours on multiple calls to AT&T and visits to the AT&T store. AT&T was unwilling to reduce the overage charges and planned to imminently shut service off for all the business lines on the account for non-payment. This is when the owner sought out BillFixers.

BillFixers Resolution

We first had AT&T extend the cut-off deadline for another 30 days to give us time to work. This prevented the account from being shut off for non-payment and interrupting the business’ ability to operate.

Over the course of several weeks, we successfully got AT&T to waive all overage fees, and got a 10% discount for the phone lines on the account, saving the owner more than $13,000.

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