Saving $12,000 a year on Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

Argodesign, a growing design firm, was paying more than $4,000 a month for Adobe Creative Cloud seats for dozens of employees.

BillFixers negotiated a discounted rate with Adobe for them, saving 25% per seat. They’re now paying $12,000 less a year for the exact same subscription.


Argodesign is a successful product design agency. They’ve created everything from the world’s first AI interface to a revolutionary coffee brewer. Along the way, they’ve grown their team to studios in Austin, New York, and Amsterdam. Their multidisciplinary designers use Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams, among other software, to do it. As they’ve grown, so have their Adobe invoices.

With every design hire, they had to buy more Adobe Creative Cloud seats to use software like Illustrator and Photoshop. For non-designers, they still needed PDF collaboration, document review, and signatures. So, they added seats for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Their Adobe invoice went up nearly every month as they added seats for their growing team. The team was using 45 Creative Cloud All Apps subscriptions and 9 Acrobat licenses. Their monthly bill from Adobe had ballooned to over $4,000. They were spending almost $50,000 a year on that single software contract. Adobe told them they couldn’t negotiate pricing for their Adobe Creative Cloud contract until their next renewal period, six months away. They had BillFixers negotiate anyway.

BillFixers Resolution

In less than a week, BillFixers negotiated new pricing for argodesign’s Adobe contract. BillFixers had Adobe lower the pricing per seat by 25% on both Creative Clouds All Apps and Acrobat Pro DC. That discount lowered the monthly invoice by $1,000 a month.

Argodesign didn’t have to downgrade their plan or lose any seats. The change went into effect immediately, mid-renewal period, and generated a refund of more than $2,500. The new discounted Adobe pricing also allows argo to add additional seats at the lower, negotiated rate. The new BillFixers pricing will save them at least $12,000 a year on Adobe CC. As they continue to grow, they’ll save even more.

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