75% Reduction on Waste Management Bill ($34,000 Saved)

A wholesale distributor had been a Waste Management customer for more than a decade. Over the last ten years, their bill had creeped up annually until they were paying more than $1,200 a month for two dumpsters.

BillFixers negotiated with Waste Management to keep the exact same services at a lower rate. The new contract lowered their dumpster bills by 75% to just $300 a month. In total, they’re now saving at least $34,000 over the three year deal.

Waste Management Pricing before and after contract negotiation
When the customer approached us last year, they were paying Waste Management $1,258.88 a month for just two dumpsters.On their most recent bill, they’re only paying $297.88 a month. They have the exact same dumpsters and pickup schedule, at 25% of the price.


A family-owned wholesale distributor had contracted with Waste Management in 2008 to provide two dumpsters to their Virginia warehouse. Waste Management slowly increased the prices year over year until the business was paying $1,258.88 a month for one 6 yard dumpster, one 8 yard recycling dumpster, and plenty of extra fees.  

Their owner heard about BillFixers, but wasn’t sure about giving bill negotiation a try for his business. He secretly created a personal account to see the process in action and immediately saved $30 a month on his TV bill. Happy with the results, he contracted with BillFixers to negotiate with Waste Management on his behalf.

BillFixers reached out to Waste Management, who was able to offer an 18% discount, bringing the bill to just over $1,000 a month. But the negotiations didn’t stop there.

BillFixers Resolution

BillFixers got competing quotes from several Waste Management competitors and prepared a case for their negotiation. Armed with that information, BillFixers negotiated back and forth with Waste Management until they agreed to a three year contract with favorable termination terms, for the exact same services, for a price of $297.88 a month. In the end, BillFixers negotiated discounts totaling more than 75% of the original bill price.

With their new 75% discount, the wholesale business is saving $34,596 on their Waste Management services over the new contract.

P.S. BillFixers also negotiated more than $3,500 in savings on the wholesaler’s Cox internet and phone plan.

From software to dumpster service, BillFixers can help. Let us negotiate your bills for you, so you can focus on what matters most.

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