$47,000 in AT&T Business Discounts for Franchise Owner

An owner of seven health and wellness franchise locations used AT&T Business for each location’s phone lines and internet, paying over $3,000 per month.

BillFixers was able to reduce the bills by 60% without reducing or removing services, saving the franchise owner more than $47,000 over two years.

The telecom costs for each location were cut more than in half. We negotiated this reduction without removing any services. In fact, several locations got internet speed upgrades for free.


A successful health and wellness center franchise owner had succeeded in expanding from one location to seven in a short period of time. The first location had AT&T Business landline service which worked well, so in the interest of getting new locations off the ground quickly, the owner set up identical AT&T service for each of the next six locations.

For years, these franchise phone bills totaled more than $3,000 per month. Each location was paying roughly $450 per month to AT&T for their multiple business phone lines and internet.  

Fortunately, the owner eventually stumbled across BillFixers’ website and signed up several of the locations. He also sent his personal bills to be negotiated.

BillFixers Resolution

In less than one billing cycle, BillFixers was able to reduce the bills for those franchise locations by 60%, from an average of $450 per location to less than $185. There was no interruption in service and no downgrade to the service. BillFixers also saved the owner $100/mo on personal bills.  

After seeing the results, the owner quickly signed up the remaining franchises and BillFixers was able to quickly get the prices down.

In total, BillFixers was able to save the owner $47,000 on their AT&T bills over two years.

From software to dumpster service, BillFixers can help. Let us negotiate your bills for you, so you can focus on what matters most.

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