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Negotiator/Customer Service Advocate
Location: Nashville, TN

Do you like negotiating, haggling, or just arguing? Do you like helping people out and sticking it to the man? Have we got the job for you.

BillFixers is a bill negotiation service founded in Nashville in 2014. We negotiate monthly bills with companies like Comcast and AT&T to find the best deals and save people money. We’re looking for people who actually look forward to negotiating their cable bill to help others out!

You’ll be responsible for making calls, negotiating, identifying trends to find additional savings, and communicating with clients. We need somebody who can be friendly and keep a good attitude without taking no for an answer. If you’ve got experience with negotiation, telecoms, or call centers, those are all big pluses. We can talk you through the basics, so mostly what we need is somebody with a willingness to learn, a lot of patience, and a passion for helping the little guy stick it to big companies. Ability to write a professional, but friendly email is a must, and being computer savvy is a definite pro. Our office is pretty casual—flexible hours, wear whatever you want, you can work remote sometimes once you get the swing of things—mostly what we care about is that you do a good job. We’re only hiring locally in Nashville currently.

We’re a startup, so there’s still big opportunity for growth with the company and also we’ve got a cool new dartboard you can play with if you get bored. We’re looking for folks who are genuinely excited about the concept and want to grow with us. If that sounds like you, drop us a line!

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Customer Service Specialist
Location: Nashville, TN

We’re looking for someone to help us out with client services, mostly over email but with occasional phone calls, social media, etc.

You’ve got to be friendly, outgoing, and quick on your feet. It’s not a sales job or anything, but being able to tell people the benefits of the service and phrase things to show the positive side is crucial. Most of the job is responding to emails from folks—explaining how the company works, handling any complaints, telling people the good news about savings.

Email skills are crucial. Good email etiquette, grammar, fast WPM, comfort in Gmail are all necessities.  You’ll also be working out of our CRM, which we can teach, but any previous knowledge of CRMs or client databases is a plus. Salesforce a double plus. General high level of computer skill/literacy/comfort is huge.

Because it’s a small company, being willing to jump into other roles is great. If you want to help out with some of the negotiating or think you could be an asset in any other way, we’re flexible! Problem solving and a love for efficiency are a big plus. If you can find a way to do the job better or faster, that’s awesome. Building out templates or coming up with ideas for automation and workflow optimization would make you our dream candidate. We’re hiring locally in Nashville, TN.

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