Save money on your business bills.

We negotiate with your existing vendors for you. Pay less for everything from software to dumpster pickup without lifting a finger and no upfront cost.

Bill Negotiation Main Image. A group of professionals gathered around a computer to look at financials.A card from the BillFixers Business bill negotiation UI. It reads "BillFixers just finished renegotiating your contract pricing. Your new rate saves you $14,640 a year!"
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A businessman looking over bills and expenses in preparation for bill negotiation.

Focus on
your business

You’re busy running your business. Let us take care of the boring stuff while you save you time and hassle.
A card for a Waste Management business bill negotiation. It shows savings of $265 a month and a one time credit of $3,400.

Better for your Bottom Line

We save your company thousands on your monthly bills so you can spend your money how you want.
A young woman who is a small business owner, happy about saving money with bill negotiation.

No Risk Guarantee.

We guarantee that we’ll lower your bills or there is no cost to you. And you get final approval of any contract term.
"The whole BillFixers process was straightforward and easy and we couldn't be happier with the result!"
Vanessa, Operations Manager
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In business, everything's negotiable.

We guarantee you're overpaying for your service contracts. Vendors know you've got more important things to focus on, so they sneak in price increases and hidden fees. We fix that.
IT / Telecom Business Bill Negotiation Icon

IT / Telecom

We're the industry leader at negotiating rates for phones, internet, and TV service.
Waste Management bill negotiation icon

Waste / Recycling

For dumpsters, medical waste, and shredding, we average over 30% in monthly savings.
SaaS Software Bill Negotiation Icon

SaaS / Software

We've negotiated hundreds of vendors—from videoconferencing to payroll software, we can help.

"“I don’t have time to sit around on the phone and renegotiate with these companies. BillFixers took the stress out of fighting back and forth to lower price.”

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Maintenance / Service Contract Bill Negotiation Icon

Maintenance / Services

Uniforms, cleaning, maintenance:
running a business is messy. But your bills don't have to be.
An image of a doctor's office showing their bills have been negotiated.
$47,000 in AT&T Business Discounts for Franchise Owner
A franchise owner was paying $3,000 a month for AT&T Business. BillFixers lowered the cost for the same services by 60% and saved $47,000.

We've negotiated on behalf of businesses in all 50 states.

Whatever you do, we've seen it all. A roofing company with hundreds of messy employee phone plans? Check. A ski lodge with over-billed elevator maintenance contracts? No problem. And we've saved all of them money.

Simple, fair pricing.

We split the savings and only get paid if you save money, so you always come out ahead.
of negotiated savings
No upfront cost
No hidden fees
Savings guarantee
Monthly bills of more than $30,000? We can help.
Dedicated Support
Account Monitoring
Custom Billing
Doing good in the world? We offer a 20% discount for nonprofits.

Like the small print? Check out our Terms of Service.

Join hundreds of businesses saving money every month.

Whether you're a small business owner or you help manage the office, there's never enough money in the budget or time in the day. Let's fix that.

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