Save your business money.
There’s a 98% chance your business overpays its monthly bills. We’ll negotiate better rates for you without changing your services. Save thousands on everything from cell phones to trash without lifting a finger and no upfront cost.
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Focus on Work

You’re busy running your business. Let us take care of the boring stuff. We’ll deal with your bills to save you time and hassle.

Better Bottom Line

We save your company thousands on your monthly bills so you can spend your money how you want. Spend less, make more.

No Risk Guarantee

We guarantee that we’ll lower your bills or there is no cost to you. And every negotiation is backed by $1,000,000 in insurance.
“I don’t have time to sit around on the phone and renegotiate with these companies. BillFixers took a lot of the stress out of having to deal with negotiations and fighting back and forth to lower price.”
Evan Diamond, iCracked  —$10,400 saved
We work with all your favorite providers
We work with over 100 national providers and dozens of local providers countrywide—we’re always up for a new challenge.


Broadband, TV, and Landlines are where we started. We’ve grown.


ADP, Paychex, and dozens of local payroll providers.


Industry-leading automated savings on FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

Document Services

Discounts on printing, scanning, shredding, and more.


30%+ reduction on Waste Management, Republic, & more.


SaaS negotiations for Salesforce, Microsoft, Adobe, and 100s more.


AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, and more.


and more!

If it’s a monthly bill you pay, we’ve probably reduced one. Try us.

Negotiation Case Studies

Case Study
A franchise owner was paying $3,000 a month for AT&T Business. BillFixers lowered the cost for the same services by 60% and saved $47,000.
Case Study

Negotiating over $10,000 in Credits for Wireless Overages

The owner of a small business was hit with AT&T data overages of more than $12,000. BillFixers waived the full overage and got a monthly reduction.

Case Study

Saving $12,000 a year on Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

A growing design agency was paying $4,000 a month for their Adobe licenses. BillFixers negotiated a discounted rate, saving them 25% a month on their costs.

Simple pricing.
We split the savings. You always come out ahead.
of savings
Simple, fair pricing for businesses of all sizes.


No upfront cost

No hidden fees

Savings guarantee

Monthly bills of more than $30,000? We can help.


Dedicated Support

Account Monitoring

Custom Billing

Doing good in the world? We offer discounted rates for qualified nonprofits. 

Like the small print? Check out our Terms of Service.


Bill Negotiation

Pay less for your services without any changes or downsides.

ETF Waivers

Escape old contracts without paying early termination fees.

Plan Optimization

Data analysis to keep you in the most cost-efficient plans.



Adjust your services without getting price hikes.


Contract Negotiation

Below-market prices on new lines of service and renegotiation.


Cost Monitoring

Keep your bills low while you focus on your work.

Credit Auditing

Overpaid for service? Get account credits for billing errors.

Expert Support

Our support team know bills (and their problems) inside out.

Be your company’s hero.
Whether it’s your company or your department, you can’t lose saving money.

Negotiating your company’s monthly bills is the easiest way to add to your budget, but dealing with providers like Comcast or Waste Management can be a nightmare. That’s where we come in. We do all the heavy-lifting—negotiating contracts, refunding old overcharges, auditing your shipments, and saving you money. Plus, our only cost comes out of your savings, so there’s no way to lose.

How would you look presenting a no-hassle, no-downside $50,000 budget reduction next quarter?

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