If you’re a subscriber to Adobe, you’re probably used to paying their extremely high pricing. Whether you pay for the whole Adobe Creative Cloud suite or just a single product, like Photoshop, Premiere, or Illustrator, you pay too much. Fortunately, there’s a fast and easy secret to getting a discount on Adobe pricing.

How do you get a discount on Adobe pricing?

There are a number of ways to get a discount on your Adobe price and we’ll go through all of them in this article. But since this isn’t clickbait, we’ll start by giving you the biggest secret to Adobe discounts first: Adobe will automatically offer you discounts if you try to cancel your subscription online. That’s it. It’s really simple and only takes about 30 seconds. We’ll walk you through, step by step.

One quick warning before we start: this guide is for getting a coupon for personal Adobe accounts. For business/enterprise Adobe accounts with multiple users, you can also get discounts, but you’ll want to skip these steps and go to “How to get discounts on Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams” below

Step 1: Log in to your Adobe account

You’ll want to log in to your Adobe account and navigate to the Plans page; it should be one of the options in the top menu, or try clicking here for Adobe Plans

Step 2: Click “Cancel plan”

You’ll see a small grey button that says “Cancel plan” near the top right of the page. Just click that. Don’t worry, it won’t actually cancel your Adobe subscription; just take you to the cancellation flow. It’s about 6 pages long, so you’re not at any risk of cancelling accidentally. You’ll see what I mean in the next step.

Adobe Pricing Discount Step 1 Screenshot: Click "Cancel Plan"

Step 3: Choose your reason for cancellation

Before you can cancel, Adobe will ask you why you’re cancelling. For this step, just pick “Too Expensive.” You’re welcome to experiment with the others, but for discounts, the Too Expensive path is the way to go. You don’t have to leave a comment.

Adobe Pricing Discount Step 2 Screenshot: Choose "Too Expensive"

Step 4: Navigate past all the Adobe BS

After you select your reason, you’ll get a popup asking if you’d like to change products. If you do, great you can go down that path. But since you’re just here to get a discount on the same service, just skip it.

Then, you’ll go to the “Details” step, with a bunch of scary warning about how you’re going to lose access to all your favorite apps and files and features and storage. Again, just ignore this—you’re not actually cancelling. Click the continue button in the bottom right.

Step 5: Select your Offer

You’ve finally made it to what we’ve been waiting for: the promotional retention offer for your Adobe subscription. You’ll basically get an Adobe coupon. Depending on what plan you have and what your current pricing is, these offers are variable. But there tend to be two really good offers: 60 days free and a discounted rate. 

They’ll likely flag one of these as the “Best Offer.” That’s not necessarily the case. In the example below, they’re saying that the best offer on Creative Cloud All Apps price is two free months, a savings of $60. But right next to it is an offer for a discount from $29.99 to $19.99, a savings of $120. So, don’t trust them.

Adobe Pricing Discount Step 5 Screenshot: Select your preferred discounted offer

You’ll also notice that one of the options is livechat. That tends to work great to get additional discounts, but we’re here for the 30 second version, so we’ll leave the full list of ways to get discounts on Adobe pricing for later. For now, just click on the offer you want.

Step 6: Confirm your Adobe pricing offer

Once you select an option, they’ll require you to confirm it. Be aware before you do this: some of the Adobe offers are contract which have fees if you cancel early. Double check the fine print before agreeing. If you’re going to stick with them anyway, no big deal. If you think you might cancel in the next year, choose wisely. 

Once you click “Agree and subscribe” you should be all set. You may receive a refund if you’ve already paid. You’ll still want to double check your billing page and check when you are next charged for Adobe to make sure that they actually applied the offer. Don’t trust that they did it just because they say they did!

Okay, that’s it! If everything worked according to plan, you just got a discount on your Adobe account in about 30 seconds. If it didn’t your account may not be eligible for one of these automatic discounts, but it’s still worth a try contacting their customer service or livechat. If you don’t want to do that, BillFixers can negotiate with Adobe on your behalf to get you a discount. 

How to get discounts on Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

Adobe offers discounts on pricing for Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams, as well as for Enterprise and Nonprofit/Organization users. The trick is that you can’t use the click-through flow the same way that a personal user is. You’ll almost certainly either have to talk to Adobe support generally, or your assigned account rep, depending on the size of the organization. 

However, the process is pretty similar—you tell them you’re planning to cancel and they’ll be authorized to give you a discount if you negotiate well enough. If you’d like to get the best possible price on Adobe for Teams, BillFixers can negotiate Adobe pricing on your behalf. Read how BillFixers saved a design agency $12,000 on their annual Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams price.

What products can you get easy Adobe discounts on?

From what we can tell, this cancellations trick works for almost all Adobe personal subscription products, including discounts for Creative Cloud All Apps, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Indesign, Acrobat, After Effects, Adobe Sign, and more. Adobe also offers discounts for products that aren’t structured the same way, like Adobe Stock pricing, but you may or may not be able to access it via this process. If you’re looking to get discounts for Adobe Experience Cloud pricing, that will require custom negotiations.

Are there any other ways to get Adobe discounts?

The best other available discount is student/teacher pricing for Adobe. Adobe offers discounted Creative Cloud pricing for students and teachers. Anybody K-12 or higher ed, whether you’re a high schooler or a college professor, should have access to discounted Adobe education pricing. That pricing is normally heavily discounted: generally the individual students, teachers, and faculty Adobe discount is a 60% discount in the first year and a 40% discount in subsequent years. After the first year, however, you can use the exact same process outlined above to keep your maximum Adobe price discount. 

If you know of any other ways to get discounted Adobe pricing, get in touch and we’d love to share them! In the meantime, happy Adobe couponing.

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