Easy New Years Resolutions That’ll Save You Money in 2018

Julian Kurland, January 1, 2018

It all happened so fast, and now it’s 2018 already! Did you manage to keep your resolutions from last year? How’d you do? It’s ok, we forgot about some of ours as well.

This year, our number one resolution doubling the amount of money we help people save. So our first step – lay out some attainable money saving resolutions that you can follow to help out the bank account. Here are our suggestions for 2018 financial resolutions.

Stop overpaying on your bills.
Savings: $500 – $1500

Who would have guessed we’d have started with a bill resolution? Oh, everyone? Ok. That said, 85% of Americans overpay on their monthly bills, some by up to 35%. If you’re spending $200 a month between your cell bill and your cable bill, that’s $840 dollars that you’re throwing away! Surely you’ve got a better idea for where you want to spend $840 dollars. And that’s just the basic bills! If you live in a deregulated energy state, you could be saving on your gas and electric bills as too.

I’ll let you in on a little secret as well: you don’t even have to do this yourself. You can hire a company like BillFixers to negotiate with your providers for you. Easiest resolution ever. Want to find our more about that? Click the big orange button below.

Cook more at home.
Total Savings: $700-1400

You’ve probably seen this tip before. That’s no surprise. On average, Americans eat out 4.2 times per week, and pays an average of $12.75 for every one of those meals outside the home. A meal at home, by comparison, costs between $4 and $8 (let’s call it $6). If you ate out half as much in 2018, that’s over $725 back in your pocket.

Drink Less.
Total Savings: $250 – $500

This list isn’t fun at all! Less eating out? Less drinking? What am I supposed to do? Well, we can’t answer that. Can only tell you that if you’re the average American you spent north of $500 last year on alcohol.

For some of you reading this, you may be thinking this one to yourself already: “After last night, I’m never going to drink again.”

Sure. I believe you. Just like I believe everyone that says that, but this is for 2018 you. That was 2017 you. This time you’re gonna follow through and it’s going to save you a ton of money.


Split your WiFi with a neighbor .
Total Savings: $180 – $600

This one may not be entirely kosher, but if you’re in an apartment, it can be a great way to save money. You’re just like roommates, but with a thicker wall in between. Plus, you might even end up being able to budget in faster speeds than you had before! Win win. 


Turn off your computer at night
Total Savings: $75 – $100

If you’ve got a desktop, idling your computer at night may be costing you $100 every year!


No really, stop overpaying on your bills.
Savings: $500 – $1500

Hey wait a second, wasn’t this your first overall tip? Yes, observant blog critic, it was! But there’s a good reason that we’re putting it again all the way down here, which is that we didn’t want you to forget! I know this sounds like a huge hassle, and, truth be told, it definitely can be difficult, but there’s really no better way to save money!

(And remember, lowering bills is BillFixers specialty! So if you want us to handle this for you, just click the big orange button right below.)

Pay off existing debt with the savings from these resolutions
Total Savings: Depends

Credit card debt is expensive. Really expensive. That’s because every month you don’t pay it off, or just pay the minimum, it grows. And that’s just the financial cost, it takes a toll mentally as well. The average household with credit card debt owes $15,654, and the average interest rate is 14.87%. So for every $1000 in debt you carry through the year, you’re paying an extra $148.70 in interest alone! That interest is just profit to your credit card company. That means that average household, the one that owes almost $16,000 – that household is paying over $2,300 a year in interest.

What’s the good news, you might ask? Well – if you’ve followed all our tips above you’ve got an extra few thousand dollars kicking around. By investing it in paying off your debt, you’ll be cutting down the amount of interest you owe significantly!


Got more resolutions we should add to our list? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we may just add it to the list!

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