Cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plan for a Single Line

Julian Kurland | November 7, 2017

Unlimited Cell Phone Plan Single Line

If you’re trying to find the cheapest unlimited cell plan for a single line, it can be a bit overwhelming. Lots of the plans have good prices for four lines or more, but have much higher prices for single lines. Fortunately, we’re here to give you our choice for an unlimited cell phone plan for just one line.

The 2017 BillFixers’ Pick for the cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plan for a Single Line is: Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom.

At $60 for a single line and $100 for four lines, Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan is by far the cheapest unlimited plan around for either one line or multiple lines. With Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom, you get the same 4G LTE speeds as all of the providers, 10GB of high speed hotspot, and 1080p streaming video, the highest quality video available from any of the big providers.

Of course, to get Sprint’s $100 deal for four lines, you have to be a new Sprint customer – existing customers are technically ineligible. (However we’ve had some success getting these plans for existing customers).  

Technically AT&T’s “Unlimited Choice” plan is the same price, but as AT&T’s max speed for that plan is 3Mbps, it’s hardly even in the same category.

Best Unlimited Cell Phone Plan for a Single Line Wet Phone

Remember, these prices don’t include the price of a phone. So we recommend not letting your phone get all wet. 


T-Mobile One
  • Data Speed: Unknown. “Our fastest speeds.”
  • Cost (4 Lines): $160
  • Hotspot: Throttled at 512kbps
  • Video Streaming Quality: 480p
  • Throttling: Your data speed may be throttled/deprioritized after you’ve used 50GB
  • Extras: Includes Netflix if you have 2 lines.
  • Extras: Includes unlimited data at 128Kbps in 140+ countries.


Go Unlimited
  • Data Speed: 4G LTE
  • Cost (4 Lines): $160
  • Hotspot: Throttled at 600kbps
  • Video Streaming Quality: 480p
  • Throttling: If there are lots of people on the network, your data speed is throttled.
  • Extras


Unlimited Plus
  • Data Speed: Unknown. “Our fastest speeds.”
  • Cost (4 Lines): $185
  • Hotspot: Throttled at 128kbps after 10GB.
  • Video Streaming Quality: 720p
  • Throttling: Your data speed may be throttled after you’ve used 22GB.
  • Extras: Includes HBO.

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