How to Cancel Comcast
in 5 Steps (Infographic)

Ben Kurland | June 20, 2016

So you want to cancel Comcast. You’re probably dreading it (and with good reason.) You might remember the story of Ryan Block, whose attempt to cancel Comcast went viral when Comcast just… wouldn’t let him cancel.  Maybe you’ve even read one of the many horror stories we’ve compiled of people trying to deal with Comcast.

Well, have no fear. You can cancel Comcast. You can cancel it today and you can cancel it without waiting on hold for hours. Whether you’re technically cancelling Comcast or Xfinity, we’re going to walk you through a foolproof way of cancelling your service. Here’s five easy steps (in easy infographic form) to help you cancel your comcast service. If you want the in depth version of this guide, you can check it out on our blog.



How to Cancel Comcast Infographic

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