21 Times Comcast Was the Worst Company in America

BillFixers | June 8, 2016

A Comcast employee stole a Comcast customer’s identity to sell it to a Comcast vendor so they could sign him up for Comcast. They didn’t tell him and then they sold his “debt” to collections. Even though he already had an account and even though he already paid on time, Ricky McClure ended up with $1,300 in debt and ruined credit. Oh, and he wasn’t the first.

Comcast’s terrible customer service went viral when Ryan Block recorded himself trying desperately to cancel his service with Comcast, with no luck. For more than 10 minutes, Comcast literally refused to let him stop paying them money. Once he went public, they fell over themselves apologizing, but not before thousands of people shared their own stories with Comcast “customer service.”

When Conal called Comcast to complain about her service, it didn’t even occur to him that Comcast would call his employer, complain about him, and then get him fired from his job. The details on this one are murky, but Conal is suing Comcast. Here’s a tip: if somebody calls you to talk about your personal bill, maybe don’t call their boss.

Comcast claims they have to charge you the fees they do, but their profit just goes towards paying lobbyists to help them build their monopoly and stop things like net neutrality or consumer-owned equipment. In 2015, they spent more than $15 million on lobbying and that was their cheapest payment in years.

Comcast told Seth he’d be able to have service at his new house. They made him sit through 4 tech visits before telling him it would cost $50,000 to connect him to the internet. Then, they revised their estimate to $60,000. Since he works from home, he had to sell his house and move after three months with no service.